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Colorado Elopement Photographer

capturing the candid moments of your wedding day 

So you've realized...

You don't want a big wedding. You want a big experience.

You already know that traditional weddings can be an absolute headache.


finding a venue

rushing through your day

juggling hundreds of guests

family expectations...



You're ready to ditch the stress and

actually have some fun.


Imagine a wedding day that's just so. completely. you.

"she made our session feel fun and about us as a couple"

Eloping is your chance to... 

Leave all the expectations behind

Have a meaningful experience with your favorite person

Stop feeling like you have to put on a performance

enjoy your big day

Elopements Made Simple

You’re so excited to spend forever with your partner and want to celebrate with a day that reflects who you both are. Your wedding day shouldn't leave you stressed and overwhelmed – it can be an exciting adventure that brings you two even closer.

But honestly, planning kinda sucks. Finding the perfect location, navigating permits, figuring out how much time you'll need, booking hair & makeup, florals, desserts, AirBnb's, and more... it's a lot to handle.

That's where I come in. I'm here to help you make this experience happen seamlessly.

couple kissing in open field with mountain background summer colorado elopement

Location Scouting

I make customized location lists with the best of the best spots for your ceremony, newlywed portraits, and all the other adventures you want to have on your elopement day. 

couple holding hands in front of mountain winter colorado elopement

Timeline Creation

I believe your elopement should make you feel relaxed, connected, and stress-free. That's why I help you create timelines (and backup timelines) with plenty of space for you to enjoy your day.

couple dancing at guanella pass fall colorado elopement

Candid Photos

Your elopement day is going to be an amazing experience. I take a more journalistic and candid approach to capturing your day so that you can stay present in the moment rather than focusing on the photos all day long.

colorado elopement photographer Katrina S. Joseph at boulder flatirons chataqua park holding camera and smiling

Hey there! I'm Katrina

I'm a 26-year-old, Colorado elopement photographer with a love for all those authentic and relaxed moments that make life so special. My love of the mountains brought me to Colorado, but I'm always ready to travel to wherever your story takes place. 

I am all about little moments – those stolen glances when no one else is paying attention; the way your fingers fit perfectly with your lover's; the completely out-of-control laughs that make you snort a little. I'm here to capture all things real.

For me, photographing you is so much more than just taking your photos – I want to get to know you, learn your story, and create a laidback & enjoyable experience for you. 

SO, let's get to know each other a little better! 

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What Happens Now?


After you reach out, I'll send you more detailed information about my packages and the whole process. We'll then hop on a Zoom call, talk about everything you're dreaming up, and get to know each other better! 

1. Contact me

2. Planning

Once we've made things official (AKA you've signed the contract and paid the retainer), we jump straight into planning! You'll get immediate access to my exclusive Client Elopement Guide, and I'll start sending you locations, vendors, activities, and tons of ideas to make your elopement unique and authentically you!

3. We get you two married!!!

All those amazing elopement plans we created are finally going to come to life! It's going to be a fun, relaxed day where you both get to focus on each other and experiencing this incredible day together. I'll be in the background, letting you have your moments while capturing everything just as it unfolds. 

Stay in the loop!

bride and groom kissing in front of garden wall with vines

Still have some questions?

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