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Meet Katrina S. Joseph

I'm all about telling stories, so here's mine.

colorado elopement and intimate wedding photographer Katrina S. Joseph holding a camera and smiling

Before I moved to Colorado and started capturing love stories, my life was very different. I grew up in Kansas City, moved to St. Louis for college, and was set on pursuing a medical career. All throughout college I felt like something was missing, but I dismissed those feelings and assumed things would get better if I just stayed on the path I was on. After graduation, I realized how badly I needed to take some time off to breathe – I took the next year off to travel and figure out what I really wanted.

I had been wanting to go on a road trip to Colorado since high school but could never find anyone to go with me, so I finally said f*ck it and went by myself! I spent my solo-trip hiking in the mountains, hanging out with chipmunks, and taking photos of everything I saw along the away. I fell completely in love with photography and the Colorado lifestyle. That's when I knew I had to follow my passions and make my own path in life. 

Since then, I moved to Denver, Colorado and found the thing that makes me happiest: photographing crazy-in-love couples. There's nothing I love more than being your third-wheel and capturing all the beautiful moments you'll want to look back on forever. This is my passion, and I'm so glad I get to do what I love and meet incredible couples like you. 

Why am I an elopement photographer?

I found my happiness when I ditched all the pressures and expectations and made my own path instead. I know what it's like to feel like you're supposed  to do something when it's not really what you want. I'm here to craft a simple yet extraordinary day for you – a day that is full of everything that is truly important to you. 


Big weddings aren't right for everyone. I'm here for the couples who are ready to start their future with a unique and meaningful experience. I do this for the lovers who want to slow down, connect, and appreciate each and every second of their wedding day. I want to be your advocate and resource as you plan one of the most meaningful days of your life together.

Here are the deets:

Favorite Food: There is no food I love more than sushi. I could literally eat it for every meal and never get tired of it. 

Enneagram: I'm a Type Four! Creative, sensitive, honest, and personal... yup, that's me!

Favorite way to spend a weekend: Hiking, camping, and going out for burgers and beers afterwards. Also, I will literally do all of these things with you and your boo if you're down :)

Things I Love (Besides My Job): Muay Thai - I've had one fight so far and plan to do more! Rewatching movies and going to the same places over and over because I love the happy feelings I get from familiar things. Calligraphy, sketching, and all artsy things (shocker 😂). My two cats, one of whom I got to raise from birth!

colorado elopement photographer Katrina S. Joseph hiking Mt. Sanitas in boulder colorado in the winter

I'm a listener.

When I say I want to hear your story, I mean it. I've always been the person in the group that listens to what others have to say instead of taking over the conversation myself. When it comes to your intimate wedding or elopement, I want to let your day unfold naturally and capture each second authentically. I'm not here to be a distraction or a pushy & overwhelming presence on your big day. I'm here to support you, listen to you, and photograph all those meaningful moments you'll never want to forget.  

I'll be your...

Location Guide
Planning Resource
Day-Of Coordinator
Best Friend


Want to have me at your wedding?

I'd love to connect with you about planning your perfect day.

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