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Fall Summit County Elopement | Julia + Ethan

Updated: Jan 6

Fall Elopement near Breckenridge and Frisco, Colorado | Katrina S. Joseph Photography

Julia and Ethan decided to have a real adventure for their wedding day, traveling all the way from Ohio to get married and explore Colorado together for the first time ever!

We met up at their AirBnB before heading out to the mountains together. When we arrived at the first location, Julia and Ethan took their time picking out the perfect spot for their first look. After that, Julia and I returned to the parking lot so she could change into her dress and finish getting ready. Fun fact: all you need for a makeshift changing room is a bunch of open car doors and a blanket 😂

After I helped Julia button the back of her dress, we hiked back to where Ethan was waiting, and J+E got to have their emotional first look surrounded by the most gorgeous mountain views.

After their first look, we hiked further down the trail to a secluded lake for their ceremony. Julia and Ethan read the most heartfelt vows to each other (and of course they played rock, paper, scissors first to decide who would go first), exchanged rings and had their first kiss, and signed the marriage license to make it official!

After exploring the first location to their hearts' content, we headed over to location #2 for their first dance, champagne, and dessert!

(And of course, we used sparkling water instead of champagne for the photos to follow LNT)

What a magical day for these two! Cheers to the Dodds' 🥂


September 2022

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