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Winter Breckenridge Engagement Session || Sarah + Kaulen

This engagement session in Breckenridge was the perfect Colorado winter wonderland. Sarah and Kaulen mentioned they loved the snow, wooded areas, and mountains, so this spot was the perfect location for them. Every turn on this trail provides new, stunning views, making it one of my favorite winter spots in Breckenridge.

Sarah and Kaulen are currently stationed in different states, so when Kaulen found out he was able to fly to Colorado for Valentine's Day, we planned out this winter engagement session! We started out sharing their favorite beer in the parking lot before venturing out into the gorgeous landscape. They brought along their dog, Dink, who was even more excited than we were to go play in the snow – she was sprinting all over the place, eating snow, and having a blast!

We spent over 2 hours exploring this magical area (until we lost the last bit of sunlight) and probably could have spent even more time out here! Keep scrolling to see how much fun these three had and how beautiful these Breckenridge views are :)

(And if you're wondering whether you should bring your dog to your engagement session, hopefully these photos convince you that the answer is YES!)


February 2021

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